Entire ecosystem is built upon the interconnected relationsjips and interactions between Scorpion AI token, Staking, IPMP platform, ScorpionGuard, and the NFT feature, which enhance and facilitate the usage of the platforms. payments, and access to special functionalities.

In this ecosystem, the Scorpion AI token plays a crucial role as a means of payment for accessing the services, tools, and platforms of IPMP and ScorpionGuard. Users can acquire Scorpion AI tokens and then use them to pay for various services and tools offered by the IPMP platform and ScorpionGuard.


Tokens obtained from user payments for platforms, services, and tools are transferred to staking, where they become available to users, Staking enables users to earn additional tokens by participating in the ecosystem.

Additionally, within the ecosystem, there is also an NFT feature that is used for accessing certain services and tools offered by the IPMP platform and ScorpionGuard. NFT holders can utilize these services and toolsand gain access to special events organized within the ecosystem.

Intelligent project mangament platform.

Intelligent security monitoring system.


Ours is a tokenomics revolution. By leveraging digital tokens built on blockchain technology, we’re creating a decentralized ecosystem that provides transparency, fairness, and new finacial opportunities to participants.


Team will conduct three rounds of private sales in which 10% of the tokens have been allocated to early users, 50% of the tokens will be locked for 30 days after launch, and they will be gradually released each day.

Public sale of tokens, for which 30% has been allocated, will take place on the Pinksale platform.

The 8% of the tokens allocated for marketing will be used gradually for marketing and partnerships for the project. Tokens donated to marketing will not be blocked.

8% of tokens have been allocated to staking, thanks to which users will be able to stake SAI tokens and earn rewards in the form of more tokens. Tokens from the staking pool will be blocked for 6 months.

15% of the tokens will be used to add liquidity during the SAI launch, which is enough to ensure free trading for all users.

15% of the tokens in the reserve are locked for 6 months to secure the project. Once the tokens are unlocked, they will be used for various purposes so as not to cause sudden drops.

9% of the tokens were allocated to the development of the project, including the construction of AI products. Tokens donated for development will not be blocked.

5% of the tokens were allocated to the Team, the tokens will be blocked for 6 months for security purposes.

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